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Thursday, September 07, 2006

We Can Change the World!

Guys.. this is very important!!! I need to give you the background first:

The other day I had a salad made for me at the salad place in the caf. When I got back to my room there was some cheddar cheese mixed in that I had not asked for (for obvious reasons..) Out of sheer boredom.. I sent an email to the food services of my school to let them know they're getting their salad toppings mixed.

WELL, the woman replied, and instead of being rude she actually asked if I wanted to meet with her to discuss how they can improve the veg*n options here!!

This is great and all, my mom thinks I can really make some great changes but... I'm not exactly sure what to tell the lady! Any ideas? We have a great salad place (except for the cheese incident) and they have optional tofu for the salads, there are boca burgers at the Grille Works, they sell fruit and vegetable cups.. there's always a vegetarian meal option for lunch and dinner in the caf (it's not always vegan though.) Uhm.. there's no soy milk anywhere though.. hehe.


Dori said...

That's great Tania! My business supplies vegan baked goods for a college cafeteria that also struggles with vegan options. Choices you might ask for include.... falafel, soymilk, non dairy cheese... while we are at it, granola without honey, whole grain bread, vegan muffins... :)

EatPeacePlease said...

This is great! Foodservice always needs revamping.

I'd ask for non-cow milks (soy, nut, etc), some vegan soups which is so easy and good for anyone, maybe some vegan rice dishes (you could throw some tofu in it). At least you could just ask for a vegan meal just like they always have vegetarian.

I think it's wonderful she wants to meet with you and is open to the idea of a more diverse amount of foods. Who knows how many people (vegans) don't eat there because of the lack of food for them. It could really make positive changes for everyone.