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Friday, September 08, 2006

Fruit Gel Babies!

I saw these on Leslie's blog, she got them from Susan's. They looked awesome and.. I had some agar agar from when Mom made my birthday cake so.. what the heck!

These have the pears and peaches canned by my Mommy! And also a banana that I bought at the student union. They took no time at all!

This picture doesn't do them justice!

Oh yeah.. this Sunday at 9pm EST ( I think ) is Iron Chef battle tofu on the food channel! I'm excited! Maybe I'll get some new ideas!


Vicki said...

this looks great - nice use of the canned goods. isn't agar like gelatin on steroids?! please share the tofu ideas here - i don't have cable.

Dori said...

Love the gelatin cups. I have got to try this one, my kids will love these.

EatPeacePlease said...

Tania, these look great. I love your fruit combo. Glad it worked out as well. Weren't these simple to make?!

Vicki, yes, the agar is very strong! I would use a bit less than I did, it was a bit too firm for my liking. Not bad though.