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Monday, June 25, 2007

Two Dinners and Muffins

On Friday I went to a restaurant in Wilmington, Delaware called Deep Blue. It's sort of a fancy place, so me and my friend Ben felt really out of our element, haha. And it was expensive too, so I just got a little spinach salad. It had like, cucumber, apple, grapes and walnuts. It was good though. We were mainly there to see our saxophone professor performing in a jazz combo.

Then on Sunday I made the Apple Pie Crumb Cake Muffins from VWaV for the boy and his apartment-mates. I halved the recipe and made 12 mini muffins, I brought three back here for me, Christine and Julia. I have yet to eat mine but the boys said theirs are already gone.. must have been good!

Today I made this salad for dinner. It has couscous, tomatoes, broccoli, squash, bell pepper, walnuts, raisins and alfalfa sprouts. Yummy :-D


VeggieGirl said...

what a delicious-looking salad!! I just got the VwaV cookbook (yeah I know, I think I'm the last vegan on earth to get it - everyone's had it for years practically by now, haha) - I'm anxious to try some of the recipes; those muffins sounds great as well

urban vegan said...

That salad is a cornucopia of pretty yumminess. The couscous look like little jewels.

laura jesser said...

Ooh, your salad looks delish--much better than the epensive restaurant one, haha!

Johanna3 said...

looks very good!

bazu said...

That salad looks so so good. I love a big salad like that in the summer. Oh and don't worry about the restaurant- I'm older than you and I still sometimes find myself at restaurants where I can only order salad! ha ha.