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Saturday, June 09, 2007

Family Vacation (Pt. 1)

My family is on vacation for the first time in 7 years! We've been in Virginia Beach since Wednesday afternoon. Last night we went to a neat restaurant in nearby Norfolk called Amalfi Ristorante. It's an Italian place with a ton of vegan/vegetarian items on the menu. I got the Roasted Vegetable Risotto with Vegan Sausage. There were red peppers, artichokes and mushrooms in there. Very neat.

Christine (the vegetarian sister) had Penne alla Vodka that she said was excellent. And then I had to get the vegan raspberry cheesecake of course! It was pretty neat, I'd like to try making a cheesecake myself sometime. (I got it to go, as you can see.. I'm sure it looked much prettier before the car ride.)

Tonight for dinner we went to Waterman's Beachwood Grill right here on the main strip. Christine and I split the Morrocan Hummus Platter, it was excellent. Their pita bread was awesome.

We also found a very cool health food store and cafe called The Heritage. They had an awesome bulk foods aisle. All the mixes that might be questionable (and that we would normally have to read the ingredients for) had labels that said vegan if they were. It was awesome, and I got one called Maple Nut Deluxe. Below is a picture of the labeling, cool huh? Christine and I also got the Peanut Butter Blast smoothie in the cafe, it was natural pb, banana, soymilk, honey and vegan chocolate (I got mine with no honey.) Very awesome!

Oh yes, and one more thing. We found a grocery store a little further away called The Fresh Market that was great. About half the store was fresh fruits and vegetables. They had a really large dried fruit and nuts section too. I got some food from the bulk aisle.. a Wasabi Rice Mix, and Oriental Rice Mix and a mix called Mexicali Fire. A very cool place. I also got a Luna tea. I'll show you guys later.

Well here's me and the little brother during some night beach frisbee.

And here.. Christine and myself. I don't have any good pictures of me and Nick yet. He's Christine's twin. Haha and don't worry, it ends there, there's only four of us kids!

Now I'm off to bed.. tomorrow we are heading to Annapolis, MD, and Sunday we're going to my cousin's high school graduation party. More later!


Okra Mary said...

OMG, Tania! I live in Norfolk - a block from Amalfi, actually. I went there after my graduation and got the vegan alfredo dish.

Glad to see you had a good time at the was hot enough for it!

Vivacious Vegan said...

What a score food-wise! Glad you're having a great time on vacation.

Johanna3 said...

great phots!

KleoPatra said...

So happy to see you enjoying your vacation. i have been thinking of you!! The food looks great and your bro is a cutie and so are you! i love the pix at the big beach balls of you and your sister. So adorable!! i want a piece of that cheezcake, i don't care WHAT it looks like after the car ride!! Bet it was GREAT!!

Keep having a great time...


Douglas said...


tell us about the cheesecake!!!!! I want it now soo badly. I am craving desert right now....

That hummous platter looked really nice and fresh. I am hungry now thanks to you!!!!!

Dori said...

Happy vacation! Glad to see you are able to go out and have some fun in the sun with family.

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