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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Sushi, Kitty, Dinner

The other night I made sushi, because I want to make it next week for my apartment warming party, and I had only made it once before. I needed to brush up on my skill. It turned out better than the first time, but still just mediocre. I think it was better by default because last time I made it in a dorm room.

It has cucumber, carrots and avocado. I took it to work.
Oh yeah, this is Emilia. She wanted to help out.
Then last night I made stuffed peppers. There's tofu, brown rice, peppers, tomatoes, kidney beans and onions. Not bad at all!


laura jesser said...

Your stuffed peppers sound delicious. I know what you mean about sushi--no matter how many times I practice it, it just looks mediocre. Yours looks better than that though!

bazu said...

That sushi looks good! I've never mastered the art of inside-out sushi rolls. I can't wait to hear more about your apartment warming party- yay!