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Friday, October 13, 2006

More Soup!

Mom said this is.. spicy red bean soup. It's kidney beans, vegetable broth, cumin, chili powder, cayenne pepper and garlic powder. She said to tell you that it usually looks better than this because it's usually topped with rice and sausage. But I can't have the rice because of my teeth, and sausage is.. well.. sausage. I think it could use something else but I'm not sure what. It is good though!!

Mom is so excited that I'm photograping her food haha, I feel bad that this is the best picture I could get. I'm just sitting on the couch surrounded by blankets, watching tv and playing on my laptop. Taking pictures isn't easy!


Eat Peace Please said...

Still not feeling better?! I hope that you get past it this weekend. The soup looks wonderful. Are you possibly missing some citrus, maybe lime or a hint of lemon?! After reading the ingredients, I would have added zest or a splash of lime. Your mom really is thoughtful.

Thanks for not posting cookies again, even though I secretly love when you post them!

By the way, the picture would have looked waaaay worse with (eew) sausage.

bazu said...

Oh my gosh, I just read that you had your wisdom teeth taken out- ack! I'm sorry you don't feel well, but your mom is being so nice cooking you all these comforting, soft foods!
My dentist just told me I have to have my wisdom teeth taken out, but I keep putting it off because I'm just too damn scared. What was the experience like? (If you don't mind revisiting it...)
Feel better soon!

Megan the Vegan said...

feel better soon! eat lots of soup like this !