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Friday, March 09, 2007

Weirdcakes and Veggies!

Home for spring break! Oh.. to finally have a kitchen right at my disposal! The first thing I did (OK.. second, because first I started my laundry) was bake cupcakes! But something went wrong!! I tried to make the root beer float cupcakes from Bittersweet's blog... but hers turned out brown, like the color of chocolate. Mine look like vanilla cupcakes! EH?

Whatever! They taste like cupcakes!

Then for dinner I found every vegetable in the house for a quick stirfry.


laura jesser said...

Oh yum. I love every-vegetable-in-the-house stirfry.

bazu said...

I was going to say what Laura just said!

KleoPatra said...

Nice stir-fry! I was gonna say the same thing Laura and Bazu were gonna say!!! The cupcakes! Those look SO great, Tania!!!

Veg-a-Nut said...

No worries about the cupcakes, cuz they always taste good. Besides yours look good.

Christine said...

I've been trying to eat healthy here! Where's the protein in that meal?