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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Tons of Food!

This morning I woke up at 6am (I have no idea why) so I thought I would make some muffins! Lemon poppyseed from VWaV.. I haven't had one yet but my mom did, she said they're good, but dense. They didn't rise much.. that might be because I used 1 cup of AP flour and 3/4 cup of whole wheat flour instead of all AP. Shrug.. they smell good!

Then I mixed up the dough for the Fig Not-ins and put it in the fridge to chill while I observed at Conrad Weiser middle school. That was fun. When I got home I went to roll out the dough but it was super crumbly! I added water little by little and managed to get a few strips out, but eventually I gave up and just saved the fig mixture. Maybe I'll put it on a sandwich. I did get about 30 cookies though.

Last night my parents went out for dinner.. and I'm a little bummed that they eat out so much, so I offered to make dinner tonight! My mom had this mixture of rice, corn, black and kidney beans in the fridge so I made a Mexican-themed fried tofu to go with it.. it's dredged in a mixture of crushed tortilla chips, flour, cumin and chili powder. And I just roasted some green veggies on the side.

And I JUST got done making the gigantoid peanut butter cookies.. I'm on a VWaV streak today! These I did try.. I swear I'm not biased.. they are AWESOME! Everybody make these.
And last but not least.. I FINALLY made the banana split pudding brownies (VWaV..) that everyone has already made. I've always thought they were too ugly.. and they are! I didn't grease my baking dish well enough so some of them fell apart coming out.. but I made them to freeze anyway so I just molded them back together and wrapped them up.. they're very fudgy.. nobody will know!
Oh yeah.. the verdict from my family on these was.. wayyyy too chocolatey. The brownie part has both cocoa powder and melted chocolate.. I'll agree that's a bit chocolatey even for me!


bazu said...

gasp! too chocolatey, is that even possible? (I'll take your word for it!) What an intense day of cooking you had. I love your photo of the fig not-ins, with the figs on the side- pretty!

Emmie said...

Haha, is it possible to have something too chocolatey? That's just wrong on so many levels ;)

I HAVE to buy Vegan With a Vengance soon, everyone seems to think it's so awesome.

I like what you did to the tofu, it looks tasty!

Chriistine said...

OOh freeze me some of those figs things, they look excellent!

theONLYtania said...

Bazu and Emmie.. well they have both cocoa powder AND melted chocolate chips.. and the fudgy texture just makes it like.. chocolate overload! You can only have a little at a time!

Christine!! You bet, they're already in the freezer. Come home soon!

laura jesser said...

Too much chocolate? I don't think so--I'll have to try it! :) Seriously, everything sounds delish. And I know the VWaV gigantoid pb cookies are crazy good!!

Linda said...

too chocolatey? is this really possible?

lemon poppyseed muffins are my FAVORITE!

that fried tofu looks amazingly delicious. you're a cooking queen girl. damn. nice spread ;)

madeinalaska said...

Let me just start w/ you are the BEST daughter ever!!! offering to make dinner and all .. and the muffins.. Yum!
and ya the kids and I thought the banana part of the banana split pudding brownies was a bit funky.. I don't think I will try them again.

Kati said...

Everything looks positively delicious! I'd like to try crushing up tortilla chips for a tofu crust - sounds like a great idea. VwaV is the best!