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Monday, October 08, 2007

Lots of Stuff!

Whew.. I just spent a lot of time uploading these pictures. So on Friday I tried to make a loaf of bread! But it didn't rise in the oven :-( I don't know why. It tastes OK though! I swear.

Then on Saturday night I went home for dinner with the family. I took my chicken-style seitan and my step dad grilled it right along next to the real chicken.

We had potatoes and corn on the cob too!

On Sunday Michelle and I went to the IKEA in South Philly. We got bubble tea on South Street. I'm not sure about the vegan integrity of bubble tea.. but it was a fun experience. Mine was pineapple flavored.

Here's how we've been fixing up the place lately!
IKEA clock in the kitchen! IKEA end table and lamp in the living room (I lost the lamp shade somewhere between the store and my apartment...) IKEA sand and pebbles with fake autumn-colored flowers!

And my favorite.. the IKEA hangy bar with hooks and that little bowl! And this set of mirrors.. we're going to rearrange it I think.
Here's a little seasonal decorating I did. Two little straw people and some cobwebs! (We clean here, I swear!)

Tonight for dinner I made Boca Chik'n parmesan at Chris' request! I made enough for Michelle and Pat too, it was delicious!

OK I'm wiped out.


Theresa said...

Looks like you're having lots of fun! I got freaked out by bubble tea the first time I had it in Thailand, but I was reassured that the bubbles were tapioca and there was nothing non-veg about it.

Your chikn parm is making me hungry!

madeinalaska said...

yep, that pic of you drinking your bubble tea... tooo flippen cute!

Johanna3 said...

nice photos!!!

oi like the little seasonal decorating :)

VeggieGirl said...

Due to the climate that I live in, I can't make bread recipes that require yeast, since they won't rise (I can only bake sweetbreads, like banana bread and pumpkin bread and such). So don't feel bad :0)

Your family dinner/cookout looks fun!!

I've never had bubble tea before... looks intriguing...

oh my goodness I LOVE Ikea!! You definitely bought some great stuff for your apartment!!

bazu said...

I love bubble tea- and it's vegan! Well, unless they put milk in it. Here in Syracuse, there's exactly ONE place where I can get my fix. Oh, and I love IKEA- but I think the Phillie one might be the closest one to us! =(
Hey, that's cool that you tried bread- I've been a bit of a bread fanatic myself lately. You can troubleshoot- did you proof the yeast? Did it have two full rises, did it get enough rest, was it too hot/too cold, did you knead it enough (or too much) the list goes on and on...!

Monika K said...

Ikea is definitely one of the world's greatest shopping experiences. I've never heard of bubble tea, but will have to see if I can track some down (although, something tells me Alaska won't be the place to find it...).

Vicki's Vegan Vice said...

I love your family's grill!! I want one like that, and how fun to fire it up outdoors. I see that cute dog peeking over. Potatoes, Cob, & seitan??? I'd like to stay for dinner. How did that work out for you? I tried grilling seitan this summer and it got too dry. Any tips?

theONLYtania said...

VeggieGirl, Monika - you should definitely try bubble tea! It's very cool (and tastes good too haha.)

Bazu - thanks for the tips. I think it's possible that it rose TOO much.. and then "collapsed" in the oven..

Vicki - they just bought that! On sale at Cabela's. My parents go camping all the time. The seitan actually turned out really good, I was keeping it in the fridge in a tupperware filled with the broth that I cooked it in, so it was full of juices. Then we put barbecue sauce on it while it was on the grill. It stuck a little bit (that's why that piece is all torn up haha) but was very tasty :-D

Emmie said...

Gosh, being Swedish and practically raised at IKEA I recognize every single item you bought! I joke a lot with my Alex (who's english) that IKEA is Swedish culture and religion all merged into one... the horrible thing is it's almost true. We sure love our IKEA!