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Monday, October 01, 2007

Bake Sale Extravaganza!

The bake sale was a success! I forget to get an entire picture (sorry Mom) but altogether I made 7 things: cinnamon rolls, blueberry muffins (modified from VWaV's apple streusel,) Chris' favorite banana bread, monster cookies, chocolate chip cookies, ginger cookies (VWaV,) and snickerdoodles (VWaV.)

Here are the cinnamon rolls! Unbaked, baked, and finally.. frosted!

Here's those chocolate chip cookies again!

These are gigantic peanut butter/chocolate chip/oatmeal cookies that I created myself. I measured out 1/3 cup for each cookie and sold them for $1 each!

My mom donated cheesecake brownies, they were a HUGE hit and actually sold out in the first hour! She also made these awesome caramel pecan brownies, and peanut butter cookies. Another saxophone made regular brownies. We were sold out of everything by 2pm, except for some ginger cookies. Ah well, you can't win 'em all.

Chris helped me set up at 8:30 AM and helped me man the table for a few hours. I got up extra early and bought munchkins (donut holes) from Dunkin' Donuts and half a dozen bagels for the other saxes that helped at the table. So they wouldn't eat the merchandise. Haha. We made $115 for the studio and I think we can do it again and it will be even better if I can get some more people to donate baked goods, not just me hehe. Hopefully we'll get some new ensemble music in time for Saxfest!!


Theresa said...

$115 from a bakesale sounds incredible! Maybe you should have a saxophone baking party next time, and invite everyone over to help out. That way you're not stuck doing all the baking!

laura jesser said...

Way to go! That's a huge project, but it sounds like you had a good time and it worked out really well!

VeggieGirl said...

wow, those cinnamon rolls, chocolate-chip cookies, and peanut-butter-chocolate-chip-oatmeal cookies (brilliant combination!!) look STUNNING!!! no WONDER you sold out at that bake sale (hey, I'll take the leftover ginger cookies, haha)!! and that's great that your mom baked for the sale as well, and that chris helped you set up. congratulations on such a great, successful bake sale, and for raising a nice sum of money for the studio - awesome work!! :0)

bazu said...

Cooool! Great jobs, you saxy people, you!

Monika K said...

I would buy it all up if you could just move your bake sale a little closer to Alaska... (-:

Emmie said...

Wow! Next time you have a bake sale you'd better have it in Sweden. I promise I'll buy everything you have, really!

Dori said...

The bakesale food looks great!

I finally have time to come visit blogland again. I am in a position in which I teach health and nutrition to 230 kids each semester. I love what I do, but as with any new job done for the first time it is time consuming. I finally came to a place in my new work life this week in which I was able to cook for myself every day instead of take out and baked potato/ salads.

Wish I would have happened across your bakesale!

Johanna3 said...

that looks great!!

yes you need other to help you bake!
what a great work you do :)