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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Family and a Present!

Well I had a busy "fall break!" On Saturday I went to work like usual, then my sister and I came back here to West Chester to watch Ben perform with the marching band at the football game. After the game the three of us drove down to DC to visit my Grandma. We got there pretty late so we just went to bed, and Sunday we got up and went to Asylum for the vegan brunch! It was pretty cool, the atmosphere was.. interesting. It was pretty much a twenty-something crowd with lots of tattoos and dark clothing.. so the three of us there with our Grandma seemed a little out of place. But the food was so cool!

The other side of the menu had a regular brunch, but my family played along and all ordered vegan things! Here's what I got, the vegan breakfast wrap. It has tofu scramble, cheese black beans and home fries wrapped up inside. Yum.
Grandma got the huevos rancheros, she said it was really spicy, but good! We all cleaned our plates haha.

Christine got the chili cheese tofu scramble.. she thought the texture of the tofu was a little off, but it tasted good. I think she was just expecting eggs.

Ben got the breakfast sandwich. It has soysage and tofu scramble on it. He said it was good but he thinks that the faux meats are always over compensated. Like before he said smart dogs were TOO hot doggy.. if that makes any sense. Like the attempt at getting the true flavor was overpowering.

After that we went to the Renwick gallery to check out the quilt exhibit.. we're big quilters. :-D I got inspired.. I want to start something!
And we had to leave that night because Christine didn't have fall break and had to get back to school on Monday. Here's the whole gang! Grandma, Ben, Christine and me. We're just missing our other brother, Nick.. he's Christine's twin. But he couldn't make it. Yar.

When I got back I had a surprise! Bazu sent me this vegan chocolate bar.. she must know about my coffee addiction... I feel so badly though! This was a thankyou for donating when she did the Walk for Farm Animals.. but I'm a college kid.. I only gave a measley ten dollars! Bazu it probably cost you that much to send this.. you shouldn't have!All in all it's been a grand week!


VeggieGirl said...

wow, looks like you had a grand week indeed!!

Asylum sounds like a cool place to dine; and that's terrific that everyone in your family was able to find something delicious on the menu!

I too love quilting - how fun that you got to see an exhibit dedicated to quilts!!

lovely picture of the "whole gang" :0)

Vicki's Vegan Vice said...

I LOVE the family shot! and your Grandma really ROCKS! eating vegan in a grunge house, taking self-photos, and smiling so big. Put that one in a frame for sure. Wish I could have joined you all at the quilt exhibit! I'm a BIG quilter as well, in fact, tonight I'm quilting. Are you starting a quilt?

Anonymous said...

Your tofu looks really yummy! Can I ask what the marinade was?


theONLYtania said...

Vicki, I have two started that I haven't worked on in a while :-P But I just made one in August for Chris' sister as a house-warming gift. And I'm just joining the quilting group at my church to make quilts for needy children. I'll write about that sometime.

Anon, the marinade was about half soy sauce and half water with chopped onions, a squeeze of spicy mustard, and then some rosemary, parsley and thyme.

Kati said...

Oooh vegan brunch - I love it! Looks like you had a lot of fun with your family...and they all ordered vegan, yay!

urban vegan said...

What a yummy brunch--and yummy bar for a wonderful gesture.

bazu said...

Oh my lord- is there anything in this world better than a vegan brunch??

And I was happy to send you the chocolate as a small thank-you for your thoughtfulness- but ack! Is the chocolate discolored? What did the post office do to it??

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