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Friday, August 17, 2007

"Meat" and Potatoes

Well I work 9-5 every weekday, and Chris usually works nights. So lately when he happens to work 9-5 too he'll come over for dinner afterwards. And I usually just do a veggie stirfry or something. But the other day he told me vegetables don't fill him up! Well.. YAR! So last night I made a manly "meat" and potatoes meal! (Sorry about the crappy picture.)

It's the same chik'n type thing I made a little while ago, with roasted potatoes and a cucumber/tomato/onion side salad. I think he liked it OK :-)
Ooh and my next exciting news!! Chris is taking me on vacation for my birthday, yayyyy. Tonight we are leaving for Harrisburg to see his parents and help his sister move into her new apartment. I'll give her that quilt I made.. which I'll have to remember to photograph and show you guys. Then on Sunday we're going to spend the day in Baltimore, and then it is off to Washington DC for three days to see some museums (and of course check out the veg eats!) I'm totally going to Sticky Fingers hehe. So I should have a good post after that trip I hope.
Yayyy I turn 20 on August 25th. Ugh.. two days before SCHOOL starts again. Junior year, here I come. Well.. I'm at work so I better get to it. See you guys later!


Johanna3 said...

wishing you a great vacations!!

laura jesser said...

Ooh, have fun on your vacay! Sounds like it'll be nice. And, happy birthday!!!

Your pie below looks delicious... I'm surprised you've never baked a pie before, but congrats on your lovely first one. :)

VeggieGirl said...

have a wonderful trip!! be sure to take lots of food photos (especially if you go to the Sticky Fingers bakery, haha)

bazu said...

Happy upcoming birthday and have fun in D.C.! Definitely check out the Hirschorn museum if you get the chance. And Sunflower! (even though that's in the suburbs, but not a bad drive if you're going to have a car)

Your birthday is a day before my brother's (but he's turning 24). Have a great time!

urban vegan said...

That's a beautiful picture. Happy b'day!!