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Tuesday, August 07, 2007


It's been a while.. I've been super busy! I'm finally living in my apartment in West Chester full time, and commuting to my job in Philly. I moved out of my sister's apartment last week.. I figured I should get settled in here before school starts. But backing up a bit, a while ago I received a care package from Pensarepink on the PPK. Here's what I got:

After that I finally made a curry that looks like other curries I've seen! I was happy.
Now on to vacation. Christine and I flew to Nebraska to visit my Grandma on the Winnebago reservation and go to pow-wow. Here's me and the reservation's herd of buffalo!
Dad is out in NE.
Then we got dressed for pow-wow and I ran with the buffalos.. well OK.. they're really far off in the distance, but still.
Finally got to pow-wow!
Two little indians.
And again!

Oh yeah, then on the way home our flight got canceled, rescheduled, canceled again, and the airline put us up in a hotel in Omaha!

And that was the end to a crazy trip. I hope to be cooking/baking tons in my apartment now.. so I should be posting again soon! :-D


fatwonkkid said...

the big looked like curry you have seen but did it taste like it?

laura jesser said...

Love the pics from the pow-wow! I hope you're liking your new apartment--what a nice care package.

VeggieGirl said...

that mug is from the Mustard Seed Market - I shop there from time to time (it's about an hour from my house)!! cool!! haha. great pictures from your vacation!! I hope you continue to enjoy your new apartment :0)

the pleasantly plump vegan said...

yr trip looks like a LOT of fun!

urban vegan said...

You are so beautiful, Tania--and it's so cool to celebrate your heritage.

I hope you;re enjoying Philly. I adore W Chester--what a sweet town filled with restaurants and shops. My brother in law lives there.

And honey, belated condolences about your dad. I lost my mom when i was your age, and believe me, I know it's hard. But we know you are one tough vegan cookie.


Jes said...

It's so awesome that your airline put you up in a hotel! Spending the night in an airport sucks so much...

Check out Gianna's for a vegan philly cheesesteak. They're the bomb!

theONLYtania said...

fatwonkkid - to be honest, i've never had a curry before! it tasted good.. i'll tell you that much!

urbanvegan - yeah i love to be on the reservation. i'm learning how to bead too! and thanks.. it is hard.

Anonymous said...

beautiful photos and beautiful food :) i love curry!

Anonymous said...

love the photos! i will love to learn more about your heritage.

bazu said...

Awww, what a wonderful post. You two are simply gorgeous! Glad you're settling into your apartment, too. {hugs}