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Saturday, January 06, 2007

Freezer Foods!

My sister is leaving on Monday for a semester abroad in Italy.. so what better bonding to do in our last few days together than.. BAKING! Tons of food for the brand new chest freezer we bought our parents for Christmas!

Last night we made bread.. like a LOAF of it! In the bread machine.. I've never done that before. It was nothing special, a mix of whole wheat and white flours, water and yeast. I think there was also an insignificant amount of salt and sugar. We both had toast for breakfast today :-)

We also made cinnamon rolls, I got the recipe from Bunnyfoot. For some reason ours didn't really brown very well.. but they do taste good!

Next up.. english muffins! The recipe came from the same book as the bread, I think it's called.. Bread Machine. These are awesome! In the future, however, I think I will use a bigger cookie cutter.. it said 3 inches, but I feel like if we put these in the toaster we won't be able to get them back out!
And last but not least.. two kinds of pancakes! Apple-Oat from VLV, and Chocolate-Chocolate Chip from VWaV.. my little brother tried the latter and said "they taste like pancakes.." I suppose that's good!
I'm exhausted!


Megan the Vegan said...

english muffins! how cool! I've never made these before, but I'd love to try. I'd also love to try making crumpets...yum

Italy for a semester? Nice!

Judy said...

Mmm, the bread and cinnamon buns look so good. And your brother sounds like me - when I drink wine, and my bf asks how it tastes, I usually say "it tastes like wine"! What can I say, I like wine but I'm no connoisseur!

bazu said...

Wow, that really is a LOAD of baking. I'm actually about to bake a loaf of bread myself. Everything you made looks yummy!

Good luck to your sister in Italy! My ex-roommate did a year abroad in Italy and loved it insanely. Now she goes back every year.

laura jesser said...

Yum, I love bread! And pancakes! The VWaV pancakes are making my mouth water...

Italy? That's awesome--I know she's going to have a great time there. I'm sure you'll miss her, though. Glad you got to spend some time doing special things together!

Johanna3 said...

your english muffins looks very good. i wish the best to your sister!