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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Chips and Sammich

Last night I used the banana chip recipe from Garden of Vegan.. this is how they turned out. They're hard on the outside but still a little chewy.. I have to figure out how to make them crunchier.. more chip-like, if you will. But I like them!
And tonight I made dinner for my family! These were supposed to be tempeh reubens, but I only had some wheat bread and mozzarella soy cheese (as opposed to uh.. rye/pumpernickel and swiss cheese) so they're not exact, but pretty close. I based it off the recipe from VWaV.
My family just thought they were so-so, but my (newly vegetarian) sister loved it! I think she now likes tempeh the best.. she hasn't really developed a taste for seitan or tofu yet.. or maybe I just haven't prepared them right..


laura jesser said...

Hey, those reubens sound great! It's awesome that your sister is vegetarian now. Maybe she'll develop a taste for tofu in the future, but I think it's perfectly understandable that she would like tempeh the best right now--it's more WOW than tofu or seitan, I guess.

Judy said...

Those sandwiches look great. You put sauerkraut on them? Yum.
I'm not vegetarian, but I love tempeh, and tofu too actually. I would have loved your sammies!

Kris said...

oh, super yummy sammiches! I love tempeh, it's the been the last in line for me, in terms of learning to love it. Now I can't get enough of it!

bazu said...

Happy New Year!

I'm catching up on everyone's blogs at the last minute! THose sandwiches look so yummy. I think tempeh is my favorite, too, even though I love tofu.

And that martini party looks so swanky. The cocktails are beautiful, and the food sounds great. I love anything involving artichoke.

bazu said...

Oh, and congrats to your veg. sister!